Friday, 23 June 2017

book review the cat mummy

Your Review How did the story make you feel? Were there funny or scary bits? I felt worried,happy and sad while reading this story.I was sad about mabel when verity was being mean to him.I was worried when he went missing and verity was really sad about it and they found mabel in the mummy that verity wrapped up.I was happy at the end when they got a new kitten replacing mabel. What did the story make you think about? Did you learn anything from the story? The story made me think that verity had learnt that she should of loved Mabel at the start before she went missing and found dead.I have learnt from this story that you should never hate your pet because you will end up regretting it. Would you recommend the book to a friend? Why? If you didn't like the book can you think why? Who would like the book? I think people aged 8 to 11 would like to read this story because it involves some sad bits and a happy ending My Rating for this book Book Review Draw an alternative title page for the book here or upload a photo of a drawing you have done. Title:The cat mummy Author:Jacqueline wilson Genre:contemporary fiction Reviewed by: Karlie Wright The Characters Who are the main characters in the story? What are they like? Verity is kind,helpful and loves her cat because he went missing and she was really sad and regretted being mean to mabel and saying he was so lazy and so boring. Her grandma was a caring,helpful and very kind because when verity didn't like mabel that much she would say don't do something you will regret. Her dad is a very kind,helpful and caring person because when verity was having a bad dream he came in and checked if she was ok. The Story What happens in the story? Verity has a cat called mabel she thinks he is very boring one time she stepped in her sick.the next day she woke up and found that mabel was not in her cat bed.she looked everywhere she was missing.she went to school and learnt about mummies.a couple of weeks later she found mabel dead.she was so sad but she didn't tell anyone she wrapped mabel up in a mummy she put it in her cupboard and didn't tell anyone until the cupboard started to stink and then her grandma came in and said what's that smell she opened the cupboard verity told her grandma about everything.a couple of weeks later she got a new kitten replacing mabel the end :) Your Review Which parts did you like and why? Do you have a favourite part of the book? I liked the part when verity got a new kitten replacing mabel.And another part liked was when she loved mabel in the end Which parts didn't you like and why? Were there parts of the book that you thought could've been changed to make the book better? I liked when verity wished that mabel could come alive again Because before mabel went missing she thought was very boring because all day she just slept and did nothing at all.

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