Friday, 2 June 2017

About To Hatch

WALT write "a moment in time" piece of writing.
Specific goals (Please highlight yours)
  • I can support my ideas with detail  (Ideas)
  • I can communicate precise meaning related to the topic  (Vocabulary)
  • I can use language that is suitable to the topic, audience and purpose. (Structure & Language)
About to Hatch

I love walking across the open ocean when the waves come back and forth.suddenly a giant egg falls from the sky,it makes a big CRASH!!
It looks like something is dripping out of it something purple.I walk towards it,cracks start appearing.

More are falling from the sky.the egg smells a little bit fishy,I wonder where these eggs are coming from?

Some popping sounds are coming from inside the egg.I move a bit closer to the it,even more are falling out of the sky and making a loud CRASH!!
I move closer to the egg,I slowly place my finger on it...bubbles?it kind of feels like something popping slowly on my finger.

I can slightly taste the purple goo,smelling like blueberries.the sun slowly  starts to set
And the eggs start to fade.. As I wonder about the eggs and  walk away very slowly, the eggs fade away….

My reflection on this writing:
I have worked towards achieving my goals by:making my sentence starters more interesting.

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